Quality Control & Guarantee

Quality Control & Guarantee

In order to make a long and stable deal with our dear customers, we have considered their worries and concerns during the purchase process and We divided them into four categories:

1.Quality       2.Terms of payment      3.Competitive price       4.Terms/Time of delivery

​​​​​​​As a result we suggest a couple of ways for an easier and desirable import for our customers:

●    SGS and BV companies:
To guarantee our customers order’s quality we can hire an international inspection company such as SGS or BV to inspect your cargo before loading. We, DAHfood Company, are ready to share some of the physical inspection charges with you. This depends on your order details such as quantity, product types, packing types, and other factors

●    Visiting our company or even your cargo while loading:
Our dear customers can come and visit our company in Iran whenever they want or they can send their agent to visit our company or even visit the factory.
If it sounds difficult to come and check out in person, they can also ask someone trustworthy in Iran to do the same for them.

●    Instant report online:
Since DAHfood Company cares alot about our customer’s worries and we understand the buyer’s desire to be filled in the exporting process, we will keep updating our dear customers by sharing them pics and videos of all the processes.

●    accredited laboratory & quality control:
DAHfood company, by having a small laboratory in the office, can sample and analyze the products before sending them to our dear customers all around the world.

Since we have direct access to the farms in south of Iran and also because of having contracts with some of the Iranian farmers for high purchases, we can guarantee we will give you the best and the most competitive price for our products based on your desired quality.

DAHfood Company is proud to have the most satisfied and loyal customers all around the globe.We take food safety and international health standards such as FSSC 22000,KOSHER and Halal very seriously and we try to ensure the health of our product by considering these measures in our processes by exporting according to Iranian Standards. If requested, other certificates will be provided Upon customer’s request.Join us and enjoy our quality goods and services

Please feel free to send your inquiry 7/24 , we will get back to you asap . The whole team is at your disposal.

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