Golden Kashmari raisin 

Golden Kashmari raisin is long, green in color and has seeds. It takes its name from Kashmar in North East Iran where it was originally produced. It consists of about 30-50% seeds that can be stored for a relatively long time. Its sweetness and sugar content is similar to other types of raisins. 

Long golden raisins are dried naturally. After harvesting the grapes, the farmers first clear them from any dust and debris, then put them under shade to dry. To make them more delicious and shiny, they usually cover the grapes with vegetable oil. As a result, not only the grapes don’t lose their moisture but also don’t stick together. During the process of making raisins, sulfur dioxide is used. The standard level of SO2 for long green raisins is up to 3000 ppm. This amount gives the raisins a shiny golden color.


As mentioned earlier, long golden raisins have a different size than other types of raisins. You can find up to 320 raisin berries in every 100 grams. This makes long golden berries bigger and longer than sultana raisins.
Like other types of raisins, long golden raisins are packed with lots of benefits and have many uses. Because of the naturally sweet flavor, raisins are usually used in bakeries, confectioneries, or pastry. They can also be consumed as a healthy snack. However, you should always keep an eye on the number of raisins you eat during the day because overeating might lead to health problems.
Raisins have a long lasting shelf life. They are still eatable after a year. However, it is better to keep them in a dry and cold place, such as refrigerator, to make them last longer.


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