Green Peeled Pistachio Kernel

Another type of pistachio kernel is Green Kernel Pistachio. This type of pistachio kernel is not fully ripe. The picking time of this type of pistachio is often later than kale pistachio, and therefore it uses fewer vegetables than kale kernel. Green Kernel Pistachio is also more expensive than other pistachio kernels.

ranian Green Pistachio Kernel is another type of the best and greenest pistachio kernel, which is considered the most expensive type due to its unique color and taste and is exported to all parts of the country. This type of nut is very popular because it is delicious and natural without any additive. we always have a special product for you, if you want to buy this wonderful and tasty product, join us.

Green peeled pistachio kernel is basically the edible part of pistachio after the shell, hull and the skin has been removed. In the heart of the middle east, Iran, there are many vast pistachio farms. These farms need to have certain conditions to be suitable for pistachio’s growth such as a hot weather and a dry climate. Drier and warmer weather is an important factor in a better qualified Persian green peeled pistachio growth. Compared to the other types of  persian pistachios, this kind has a late harvesting time and it starts from late September.  Iran is famous for its high quality pistachio because it has the perfect climate.


Green Peeled Pistachio nutrition

One ounce of pistachio kernels which is approximately 50 kernels has 159 calories, 12.865 grams of fat, 7.7 grams of carbs and 5.7 protein. You can eat one or two handfuls of pistachio per day.

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