Golden Raisin

Golden raisins, which are specific to Iran, are always in high demand for export. This raisin turns yellow due to the presence of grapes in the vicinity of sulfur smoke.
sulfur fumigation process and shade dried so they are golden amber in color with a naturally sweet and fruity flavor. This popular kind is produced from grapes with special natural characteristics and particular sugar level. After being double washed, golden raisins are dried, coated with vegetable oil, stemmed, mechanically cleaned, laser and hand sorted then metal detected under extreme care of hygienic conditions and with legal and safety requirements and the customers special specifications.


Golden raisins are produced from seedless green grapes, harvesting start from September, and drying start immediately after that. The color of golden raisin ranges from yellow, golden or greenish yellow to light amber. Harvested grapes are dipped, shade dried and sulfur treated although it is important that the residue be limited and below 2000 ppm. This type of raisin with a predominating yellow or golden color, has a unique almost smoky and tart after-taste. If you are looking for a high quality Persian golden raisin, as one of the best iranian raisins producer and suppliers we can help you.

Golden Raisin Nutritional Value

Raisins are a perfect source of energy and they have a great amount of Vitamins and Minerals, in addition to Protein and dietary Fiber. Raisin’s Vitamins and Minerals include Potassium, Calcium, Iron and etc.
100 grams of Iran golden raisin has 329 Kilo Cal, 66g Carbohydrates, 3.5g Dietary Fiber, 1.23mg Iron, 63.22mg Calcium and 0.2g fat.

Golden Raisin in Our Daily Diet

Raisins are a great source of natural Vitamins and protein and they are suitable for people with special dietaries. You can consume up to 1.5 cups of raisins per day. Some examples of raisin’s usage in our daily diet are listed below:
1.    Soak them and use them as a table snack.
2.    You can top Your Salad with raisins.
3.    They are widely used in confectionary industry.
4.    Mix them with your cereal.
5.    Add them to your mashed potatoes.

Some health benefits of golden raisins:
1.    Great for digestive disorders
2.    It reduces blood pressure.
3.    Great for diabetes management.


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