Kabkab dates

 Kabkab Dates are a popular type of date in Iran and the world. This date is oval-shaped with semi-dry texture. It has dark brown color, you taste a good sense of sweetness of a really energetic fruit. In fact, this date is widely consumed in Iran due to its reasonable price and delicious taste, but many people still do not know it as Kabkab Dates and use only the word date to refer to it. .

Kabkab dates are one of the well-known types of dates in Iran. The color of the fruit is yellow in the growth stage. Then it gradually turns light brown and it becomes dark brown when fully ripe. Unlike other dates, Kabkab dates have a bitter taste when they are unripe and crunchy. The oval fruit weighs about 15 grams with a light semi-dry yellow texture. The shell is also thick and layered.t is soft in nature with moisture under %18.Shelf Life at room temperature is about 1 year under interim fumigation. The date is used in pitted or unpitted form.


Kabkab dates are one of the export dates of Iran, which has many fans in different parts of the world due to its high nutritional value. Due to the beneficial properties of Kabkab dates for the body, it can be consumed as a useful snack to provide the body with daily energy. Kabkab Dates are an excellent source of iron and minerals. 

Iranian Kabkab Date is a wet Date which has a semi-dried texture, and is long and darkish brown. After Astamaran Dates, Shahani Dates and Mazafati Dates, this Date has the most economic price in Iran. Kabkab Date can be regarded as one of the the most important and ample Date fruit, which can be grown in tropical cities in Southern Iran.These dates are in the form of sticking together.Kabkab Date is soft in nature and has excessive moisture compared to other date types. Its moisture is below %18.


the growth place of Kabkab Dates

Kabkab Date is one of the most widely consumed and tasty wet dates in the world that can be grown in most tropical cities of Iran; however nearly all of Iranian Kabkab Date fruit is cultivated in Khesht and Kamarj areas of Kazerun and Dashtestan cities (Borazjan).
This Date also is grown in other cities with an appropriate circumstance such as Khormuj, Behbahan, Kazerun, Jahrom and Tabas. The cultivated Date palm in Behbahan has a sweet taste and is smaller in contrast to Dashtestan Kabkab Date.

Kabkab Date is a wet Date fruit which can be stored in regular room temperature for about 6 months below intervening time fumigation (doesn’t require the fridge). Also, it should be saved in the dry and cold storage for long term.storage would be In a cool, dry, clean and well ventilated place. Storage temperature is between 10-15 Celsius degrees, humidity below 50%.


Harvest time of Kabkab Dates

This product can be harvested in early August, but if you want to rip it completely, you need to be patient by early or mid-September. The weight of each BBQ date palm is about 15 grams. If you take it, you should cook it before you use it, otherwise it will not be possible to use.Export kabkab dates are well-known and many prefer kabkab date to others. Dates produced in Iran are popular and popular in the world. The reason for this popularity is the very good taste, high quality and reasonable price of dates. Because of its high production in the country, kabkab dates are reasonably priced, making them attractive to many customers.

The benefits of Kabkab Dates

Benefits of Kabkab dates include the following:
Suppling energy for body
Source of magnesium and suitable for weight loss
Source of iron and suitable for people with anemia and cardiovascular problems
Source of calcium and suitable for ossification and bone structure
a very good factor in preventing cancer due to its antioxidants
Suitable fiber for people with digestive problems and constipation


kabkab Dates supplier

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