Why Iranian pistachios

Iranian pistachios offer various advantages that set them apart from competitors. Greater choice is offered to customers through four main commercial varieties. Additionally, higher meat content offers better value for money. Iranian pistachios have a world-famous taste that is unrivaled. This taste advantage is enhanced by roasting Iranian pistachios at higher temperatures, made possible by higher unsaturated oil content. This high-temperature roasting eliminates any bacterial contamination, which may be present in the raw product. The following list details the five major attributes of Iranian pistachios:

Higher Kernel to In-Shell Ratio:

The most significant of these attributes from the consumers’ perspective is a high meat content that offers the best value for money in the pistachio market. On average, Iranian pistachios have a ten percent advantage on the edible part of the in-shell nut, when compared to pistachios from other origins.

Another significant attribute of Iranian pistachios that make them adjustable to different markets is that they come in many different varieties and sizes: from 18/20 nut counts per ounce, to 36/38. Each variety has its own differing properties and flavor.

The many pistachio nut varieties of Iranian origin have an unrivaled taste-profile resulting from their higher oil content. Over a long period, consumers around the world have shown a preference for the taste of Iranian pistachios. All four commercial varieties of Iranian pistachios each have a rich, unique and distinctive flavor.

Due to their higher unsaturated oil content, Iranian pistachios have the capacity to be roasted at between 160 to 180°C (hot air stream temperature). Good roasting brings out the unique flavor of the nut. It is obvious that lower roasting temperatures of around 120°C recommended by some suppliers will not achieve the above benefit.

The large number of producers, buyers, exporters, and importers of Iranian pistachios makes for conditions of perfect competition in the market. As a result, fairer trading opportunities present themselves to those engaged in buying and selling Iranian pistachios. In the absence of conditions of perfect competition, the market may face price-fixing and market manipulation by influential players.

There are several types of persian pistachio such as:

1.    Round Fandoghi kernel
Fandoghi pistachio has one of the smallest kernels compared to other types of persian pistachio. We classify the round pistachio based on its size in the following categories(pcs/Oz): 26-28/ 28-30/ 30-32
2.    Ahmad Aghaei pistachio
Ahmad Aghaei is in long pistachio category. It has an exquisite taste and red kernel. We can classify Ahmad Aghaei pistachio based on the size in the following categories(pcs/Oz): 24-26/ 26-28/ 28-30
3.    Akbari pistachio
Akbari pistachio is also known as long pistachio. The kernel is green and its skin is stained and dull. We classify Iranian Akbari pistachio based on its size in the following categories(pcs/Oz): 18-20/ 20-22/ 22-24
4.    Jumbo pistachio (Kalleh Ghouchi Pistachio)
This famous persian pistachios has a round kernel and is famous for its particular taste. We classify Iranian Jumbo pistachio based on its size in the following categories(pcs/Oz): 18-20/ 20-22/ 22-24/ 24-26
5.    Green and red pistachio kernels
We can categorize pistachios in 3 categories of closed mouth, open mouth and opened mechanically. Closed shell pistachios that have been mechanically opened to look similar to the naturally open pistachios. The difference between them is that the naturally open pistachios are a lower in kernel weight.

Pistachios in our daily diet:

You can consume up to two handfuls of this luxurious nut on a daily basis.
1.    They can be considered as a good snack for diabetic people with special dietaries and preferences.
2.    They can be used as a nutritious salad topping or used in its sauce.
3.    jumbo pistachios are a great choice for making pastries and in confectionary industry.
4.    they are an inseparable part of Iranian cuisines.
Persian Pistachios usage in our daily diet
1.    They can be considered as a good snack for special dietaries.
2.    They can be used as a nutritious salad topping.
3.    They can be used in oriental desserts.
4.    Iranians use them frequently in both their meals mixed with rice and desserts.
5.    They can be used to make different types of sauces such as pistachio pesto sauce.

To sum it up
If you are starting a healthy lifestyle and you need a superfood in your diet, Pistachio can be the perfect choice for you. If you are looking for high quality persian pistachios online, you can check out DAHfood website as one of the best pistachio suppliers in Iran and producers of all kind of Iranian nuts. Don’t miss out on this nutritious nut and add it to your daily consumption list.


Pistachio in shell


Kalleh Ghouchi Pistachio is perhaps a well-known food source among individuals. The medical advantages of eating Kalleh Ghouchi Pistachio incorporate boosting heart wellbeing, controlling weight, ensuring the body against diabetes and  ...

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Akbari pistachio is an almond-shaped and open mouth pistachio cultivar with a darker shell compared to other types of Persian pistachios. It is also known as long pistachio and a late-bearing fruit and its harvesting time is late September. 

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Ahmad Aghaei

Ahmad aghaei pistachio belongs in long pistachio category. It also has a lighter shell compared to Akbari pistachio which adds to its marketability. Iran has the most favorable condition for pistachio growth and development. 

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Round Fandoghi pistachio has a round and small nut with a tiny shell. Round Fandoghi pistachio is considered as one of the most famous pistachio types. This type of pistachio which is also known as the round pistachio is the most commercial pistachio amongst  ...

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Red pistachio kernel

is the first product produced in the processing of pistachios with high nutritional value. This product is the only eatable part of the Pistachio that has many properties for the body. At DAHfood, we provide high-quality Normal Pistachio Kernel with the best ...

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Green Peeled Pistachio Kernel

Another type of pistachio kernel is Green Kernel Pistachio. This type of pistachio kernel is not fully ripe. The picking time of this type of pistachio is often later than kale pistachio, and therefore it uses fewer vegetables than kale kernel. 

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Pistachio kernel



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