Ahmad Aghaei 

Ahmad aghaei pistachio belongs in long pistachio category. It also has a lighter shell compared to Akbari pistachio which adds to its marketability. Iran has the most favorable condition for pistachio growth and development. After completing its growth cycle in the vast farms of Iran, this type of commercial nut’s harvesting time starts on early September.  . Ahmad Aghaei nut has a good red color of kernel and is known for its good taste. 
Ahmad Aghaei pistachio is greater and thicker than Fandoghi Pistachio and has an incredible taste. This sort of pistachio is the most well-known.
The motivation behind why it is mainstream than the other kind of pistachio is its lightest shell tone.
The shade of the Pistachio shell usually is soft cream. Be that as it may, Ahmad aghaie shell is more brilliant than different kinds.


Ahmad Aghaei pistachio nutrition

Persian Ahmad ghaei pistachio is a great source of healthy fats, anti-inflammatory traits, fiber, protein, antioxidants and various nutrients including vitamin B6. Its high amount of protein makes you fill full for a longer time span. Hence, it is a perfect snack if you are on a diet.
One ounce of this type of pistachio kernels which is approximately 50 kernels has 159 calories, 12.865 grams of fat, 7.7 grams of carbs and 5.7 protein.


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